Become a Counselor, Coach, or Minister

There is a Growing Need for Christian Counselors & Life Coaches, as well as Licensed Ministers

There is a significant and expanding need for capable, licensed, and certified Christian counselors and life coaches. People of faith have discovered that they feel they can trust Christian counseling and coaching in a way that they can’t secular counseling; that it is more consistent with their worldview and lifestyle. As Christian counselors, life coaches, and ministers, we pray with and offer our clients biblically sound counsel and guidance.

Different Kinds of Christian Counseling & Coaching

Some Christians who find our courses beneficial are lay counselors in their church. They are seeking to learn more and edify themselves for this important ministry.

Pastors are often asked to provide counsel, but few are formally trained to do so in bible college or seminary.  Our courses can provide church leaders with a solid education in Christian counseling without having to return to seminary. Many of our students are church leaders.

Many state licensed, secular counselors find that they are restricted when trying to serve God using solely secular methods, and are interested in making the transition from traditional counseling to Christian counseling, or are drawn to a less clinical version of counseling into life coaching from a Christian model.

You may simply feel called by the Lord to take on the profession of Christian Counseling. You have come to the right place to start your journey to licensure– from certification to doctorates– and the means to create a Christian counseling or coaching ministry, or even to become a licensed minister.  At Reality Counseling Center, you will find yourself supported by dedicated, caring Christian professionals eager to help you achieve your goals.

Temperament Model and the NCCA

We employ the NCCA’s clinical diagnostic tool called the Arno Profile System (APS) to assess a person’s God-given temperament. It is extremely valuable in helping the client better understand themselves and also for us as counselors and coaches to be more effective with each person we are working with, by creating accurate and effective treatment plans with the aid of this assessment.

The APS was developed specifically for Christian counselors by Drs. Richard & Phyllis Arno of the NCCA. This accurate, simple yet highly effective tool empowers the counselor to identify relationship needs and the extent that those needs are being met in a client’s life. Areas where needs are not being met can be identified and addressed in counseling or coaching. Presently, over 3,000 Christian leaders, ministers and professional Christian counselors rely on the Arno Profile System to aid them in their counseling efforts. These APS facilitators report an accuracy rate of over 90% in identifying an individual’s inborn, God-given temperament.

The system looks at a person’s temperament needs in three different areas: Inclusion (one’s social orientation), Control (are we relatively independent or dependent on others in relationships?), and Affection (how much love and affection do we require from our deep, personal relationships?). Using this framework, a counselor or a life coach can work to help guide their client to self-discovery and growth in each individual situation they start from.

Training in the APS model is a foundational part of each of our integrative Christian counseling and life coaching certificates and degrees offered.

Admission Requirements

Most successful students come to us with a background of at least having some college education.  However, we do offer a Bachelor of Arts degree to Christians who have not previously earned a BA degree. The basic admission requirement is to have a high school diploma.

We also provide college educated Christians with a graduate level professional education. If you are seeking a Master’s or a Doctoral degree, you will find high quality educational materials as well as experienced, practical supervision to guide you to become the professional the Lord has called you to be.

Distance Learning Format

All of our Christian counseling degrees and our life coaching certification and ministerial licensure programs are available in a traditional home-study format; online school. This is a great option for those who are motivated and capable of comprehending written material without the need for a classroom setting and group discussion. You will receive your education through a mix of online input and printed material sent in the mail.

Reasonable Cost

Accumulating significant debt while gaining an education is beneficial to no one. Our courses, while of high quality and certification, are very reasonably priced. Pursuing higher education is challenge enough without waking up to a heavy mountain of debt. Each program’s total cost, including the mandatory supervision called for by the NCCA and fulfilled by your relationship with Reality Counseling Center, can be found on its respective page under “Courses”.

Your Supervision

Counseling is a discipline that requires a certain amount of personal training, but the NCCA is well-aware that it can’t be done completely alone. They require anyone completing a course in Christian counseling, or licensure in coaching or a ministerial license, to be supervised by a skilled, experienced Christian counselor whom has already been down the road you are endeavoring to take.

Reality Counseling Center is glad to offer you the highest quality supervision for your educational experience. Lisa Cassman has a Master’s degree in Christian counseling and works as a licensed Pastoral Counselor at Reality Counseling Center. She is a professional clinical member of the NCCA, and offers her services as a required clinical supervisor to students embarking on their educational journey. She is eager to accompany you through your studies. She will be there to answer your questions, guide you through your coursework, recommend classes to you based on your past experience or personal focus, and encourage you the entire way through. Supervision for your online Christian counseling degree is provided via email, telephone, and Skype.

About The Ministry

Reality Counseling Center is a certified academic institution of the National Christian Counseling Association and is dedicated to educating Christians for the ministry of Christian counseling. Through our relationship with the NCCA and the various associated Colleges and Universities, we train, intern, certify, guide, and help students gain degrees in Christian and Pastoral Counseling.

How To Begin

Please take some time to read up about the online, long-distance learning courses in Christian counseling, life coaching, and Ministerial Licensing that we offer through the NCCA.

Our Courses

How To Apply

Please review the various programs and decide which one is the best fit for you.  If this prompts questions, call or email. We would be happy to discuss your questions and concerns before you embark on this new adventure in your life!

To begin your education, please fill out an application online. Alternatively, printable applications can be downloaded and sent in the mail. They can be found on each course’s page on this website.

Before you apply, you may have a list of questions; don’t hesitate to get them answered. We will reply as promptly as we can and get you on your way to serving God in new and deeper ways through ministering as a counselor or life coach!

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